Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Thankful Day

I’m Thankful For…I’m thankful for those who’ve lied, for now I recognize truth

I’m thankful for those who treated me with cruelty, for now I recognize kindness

I’m thankful for those who’ve judged and falsely assumed, for now I understand acceptance

I’m thankful for enemies, for now I recognize friends

I’m thankful for hardship, for now I recognize plenty

I’m thankful for those who abandoned me, for now I recognize loyalty

I’m thankful for loss, for now I recognize the gift of loved ones

I’m thankful for failure, for I know I will recognize success if it arrives

I’m thankful I’ve looked upon the face of evil, for now I may recognize goodness

I’m thankful for pain, for now I recognize comfort

I’m thankful for hatred, for now I recognize love

But most of all, I’m thankful for the miracle that saved my child. Perhaps more than one miracle in a lifetime is too much to expect. I am grateful for the blessing of that one miracle, for it makes all the rest of it worthwhile.

As we celebrate this day of thankfulness, take a moment to appreciate your blessings and spare a thought, a prayer, for those in harm’s way and for those less fortunate.

No matter how deeply we believe our suffering to be; there is always another out there whose suffering is greater. And it may not always be whom we assume it to be…

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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