Friday, March 30, 2007

IMMORATI: M.K. Mancos' Latest Exciting Release! Check it out!

Immorati by MK Mancos is now available for download from Triskelion Publishing.
When the corpse of an unidentified species is found in the woods near Pine Haven, New Jersey along with a human female, anthropologist Edie Campbell is called in by local law enforcement and the medical examiner to help identify the strange humanoid male. The discovery of a heretofore unknown species is thrilling for Edie, up until she realizes the creature has recently mated with the human female.
Questions form with no apparent answers until Aidan LaMont arrives in Pine Haven to identify his cousin’s body. But the secretive Aidan hides as much of the mystery surrounding the strange creature as he explains. And Edie has no doubt that behind his simmering sexuality, and amber eyes, he knows much more than he’s willing to tell.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sizzling New Release From T. Sue VerSteeg!

Who couldn't use One Wild Weekend?

Released today 3-20-2007 from Freya's Bower!

One Wild Weekend, by T. Sue VerSteeg

Short Story/$3.25

Melissa Tanner has spent her adult life in search of Mr. Right. After committing herself to a weekend of banking seminars, with her biggest concern being how to stay awake through them, she literally runs into her next prospect at the airport. Can the boring weekend be saved and turned into a wild ride with Mr. Right? Or will he just end up being another Mr. Right-Now?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Great New Books for This St. Patrick's Day

Check out these awesome new books from my fellow Romance Divas!

A great new anthology:

From Jennifer Leeland:

Released today. Rose Petals III

It will be worth it since it has THREE of us featured. Dara Edmundson, Terry Odell and myself. It's the "spicier" anthology. "Garden of Sin" won the Bouquet contest and I'm so excited about this because it's my first release in print.

Desert of Desire by Dara Edmundson: New York reporter Eve Mason is perfectly content in her comfortable world shunning romance for fear of the inevitable heartbreak. When she's sent to interview reclusive author Red Calloway in Sedona, Arizona, she discovers the passion she's been missing her whole life in his desert paradise.

Second Chance Rose by Terry Odell: Rose has had her one true love. After her husband's death, she moves across the country and discovers the special garden her mother told her about in childhood bedtime stories. When she meets Richard, friendship blooms. But can there be second chances for true love?

Garden of Sin by Jennifer Leeland: Shy but brilliant and unsure around women, Forrest Sterling asks Mira Serrano for help. Despite her misgivings, she agrees and a favor turns into something neither can forget. Eight years later, Forrest is back to claim the woman he never forgot. Now, he's giving the lessons to convince Mira that they belong together and he'll use any method to do it.

Now for something a wee bit Irish: ;-)

From Karen Erickson:

Looking for a fun and sexy read for Saint Patrick's Day?

Then check out my new book So Lucky, now available at Cobblestone Press (

Lucky Simon has it all. A successful career, a fantastic apartment and great friends. The only thing she's unlucky at is love. Her love life stinks big time and it's all her fault.Finding a four leaf clover conjures up a giant leprechaun in the middle of her living room the next day. Aidan claims she wished for him and now he belongs to her. She doesn't want him, she thinks he's crazy. Despite the fact that he turns her on.What's a girl to do?Genre: Paranormal / Contemporary Book page:
Hope everyone has a safe and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
And may the Luck of the Irish be Upon Ye!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Author Loribelle Hunt's Latest Release!!!!


Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-493-8

Length: Short Story

Price: 2.50

Publication Date: March 13, 2007

Can Shane convince Jessie he’s the only man for her before her stalker attempts to end both their lives?Jessalyn Banks is a respected gallery owner in a small coastal Florida town. She isn’t looking to make any major changes in her life, but events collide in a way that takes that option away from her. A stalker enters her life, and she has no choice but to notify the town’s police chief, Shane Moore.Shane has been trying to maneuver his way into Jessie’s life for a year. Getting added to her Fourth of July planning committee is a brilliant move. Convincing her they belong together is much harder to accomplish. When her mysterious stalker escalates his activities and another woman is badly injured, events spin out of his control. Does Shane have the time to convince Jessie he’s the only man for her before the stalker makes his move?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Eden Bradley's New Book is Out!

For 18 and over only. A wonderful new book by one of the shining stars of erotic romance, Ms. Eden Bradley!

BREAKING SKYE, Eden Bradley's newest e-book is available now from the Phaze Fetish line! Skye Ballard has always wanted to experience her fantasies of sexual submission. She craves to be commanded, taken over. She is convinced that all it will take to purge this yearning from her system is one night. Skye searches out the perfect Dominant for the job-it must be a man who is powerful, attractive, and naturally dominant. But when she meets Adam Dunne, she finds a man beyond her wildest dreams.Adam convinces her one night will not be enough for what he sees as a process, rather than a single experience. Skye soon discovers that being with him only makes her crave more. And while he begins with the idea of training her to be the perfect submissive—for someone else—soon all he can think of is making her his, making her yield. All he can think of is breaking Skye—and keeping her for himself.Buy this book now at www.Phaze.comDirect link:

Monday, March 5, 2007

First Review for Leap of Fate!

The waiting is finally over! I have my very first review for Leap of Fate from Romance Reviews Today Erotic. A huge thank you to Ms. Holly Tibbs for her kind words. Here's a snippet:

LEAP OF FATE -- Antonia Pearce
ISBN: 978-1-60088-101-5
February 2007
Erotic Paranormal Romance
RRTE Rating: Multiple O's

"I’ll admit that within the first couple of pages of LEAP OF FATE I knew what was coming, but Antonia Pearce does it with such finesse, that it kept me turning each page to see what happens. The story is short, but long on fiery passion as the chemistry between Merryn and Luke sizzles. Head on over to Cobblestone and pick up this gem of a tale."

Holly Tibbs - 2//25/07