Saturday, July 28, 2007

FALCON HUNTER Shonna Brannon's New Shifter is Out!

Check out Shonna Brannon's new shifter, FALCON HUNTER, for an imaginative, romantic weekend read!

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Falcon Hunter’s a proud Indian warrior cursed into the form of a falcon for eternity for defending the woman he loves. To break the curse, he must regain the love of his reincarnated wife.

Christina Rainwater, the healer for her people, has been followed by a beautiful falcon for years. Although she knows he doesn’t understand her, he quickly became her confidante. An unknown evil begins stalking her and her only solace is the bronzed god who keeps coming to her rescue and invading her dreams.

Can Falcon Hunter teach Christina to love him or is he forever cursed to watch her love another?

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Friday, July 20, 2007

FALLING by Imogen Howson

Looking for a great weekend read? Take a look at the new release by Imogen Howson, FALLING!

When the world crumbles into chaos, only a chosen few can afford the luxury of life in towers built to soar far above the pollution and destruction on the ground.

Life up in the air is full of beautiful things and beautiful people. What happens when you’re not one of them? What happens when everything you believed about the world turns out to be a lie?

You fall. Or you learn how to fly...

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

LOVE SONGS by M.G. Braden

Everyone check out this wonderful new story from the accomplished author, M.G. Braden!

Love Songs Cover

When Cameron Trent, a former high school all-star, comes home to deal with his father's death, he finds a much sweeter deal. Madison Hughes, the Cupcake Queen, hates Valentine's Day and thinks love songs are a joke. Will Cam change her mind?

For $1.50 you can't lose, go check it out at The Wild Rose Press