Saturday, April 11, 2009

TROPIC OF DESIRE NOW #10 at Siren-Bookstrand!

My first book with Siren, TROPIC OF DESIRE, a paranormal/shifter menage for their Menage Amour line is now at #10!

In other exciting news, I received my cover for my next Siren release, THE TOPAZ EMBRACE, and it's smokin'! Thanks to Jinger Heaston! THE TOPAZ EMBRACE, a futuristic menage and the first in a series called The Oracle Standard, is available for pre-order and will be released some time in mid-2009.

In 3050, a global network of hereditary, gem-based Oracles—The Oracle Standard—rules a technology bereft Earth. The greedy Intercontinental Federation seeks to wrest power and wealth from the Oracles. Ankhet, Topaz Oracle, near the end of her reproductive years, must produce legitimate issue or the Topaz Oracle Office will fall, and the The Oracle Standard’s power will revert to the Federation. By law, she must allow all sincere Consort Candidates to attempt the test of worthiness. Only a Worthy Consort can bring an Oracle to her sexual peak and serve as a life-mate. After years of failure, Ankhet discovers not one, but two Worthy Consorts, Tallon Sinclair—a bitter stranger shipwrecked on her island, and Danar D’Aubois, her trusted Personal Guard. As she struggles to save the Standard, Ankhet discovers, despite the exquisite pleasure the two bring, both have secrets, and the Federation may not be the only threat.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and Happy Reading!


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