Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

For All the Daddy’s
For all the Daddy's everywhere...
For all the Daddy’s who did bad hair
And woke us up and got us ready
For all the Daddy’s who did without
To see that we did not
For all the Daddy’s we think about
who caught us when we fell and held us steady
For all the Daddy’s who taught us right from wrong
And math and spelling and how to get along
For all the Daddy’s who showed us love
Day after day, no matter what
You were a gift from above
We thank you. Wherever you are
Not ours to keep forever
Yet your voice lingers in our ear
A gentle guidance through our fear


L.K. Campbell said...

What a beautiful tribute. I'm glad you decided to post something today.

Johnny said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!